Interactions between fillers and dissolved and colloidal substances from TMP

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List of Authors: Stefan Willför, Anna Sundberg, Anna-Liisa Sihvonen, Bjarne Holmbom
Publication year: 2000
Journal: Paperi ja puu
Journal acronym: PAP PUU-PAP TIM
Volume number: 82
Issue number: 6
Start page: 398
End page: 402
Number of pages: 5
ISSN: 0031-1243


Interactions between filler materials and dissolved and colloidal (DisCo) substances released from unbleached and peroxide-bleached spruce TMP were investigated at both pH 5 and pH 8. Talc adsorbed substantial amounts of neutral carbohydrates, mainly glucomannans, from unbleached TMP water, while kaolin adsorbed much of the glucomannans from peroxide-bleached TMP water. Kaolin also adsorbed pectins. Calcium carbonate removed much of the lipophilic extractives from unbleached TMP water at pH 8. Kaolin and talc removed substantial amounts of lipophilic extractives from both unbleached and bleached TMP waters. The decrease was substantial from bleached TMP water at pH 5. An amount of 10 g filler/L was needed to get a substantial removal of DisCo substances.


dissolved and colloidal substances, glucomannans, lipophilic extractives, pectins, TMP fillers

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