Teacher-guided practice with problem sequences

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Publikationens författare: Lars Burman, Solveig Wallin
Redaktörer: Ann-Sofi Röj-Lindberg, Lars Burman, Berit Kurtén-Finnäs & Karin Linnanmäki
Förlagsort: Vaasa
Publiceringsår: 2014
Förläggare: Faculty of Education, Åbo Akademi University
Moderpublikationens namn: Spaces for learning: past, present and future
Seriens namn: Report from the Faculty of Education, Åbo Akademi University
Nummer i serien: 36 / 2014
Artikelns första sida, sidnummer: 69
Artikelns sista sida, sidnummer: 77
ISBN: 978-952-12-3128-5
eISBN: 978-952-12-3129-2
ISSN: 1458-7777


In the article the authors address teaching of problem solving and the introduction of modeling in mathematics education and propose teacher-guided practice with problem sequences. This supplement to ordinary teaching in mathematics in lower-secondary school, i.e. grades seven to nine in the Finnish primary school, is designed and tested in a Finnish reality but the design of the teaching process is based on earlier research often connected to ProMath-conferences, combined with Nordic research. The article is based on a teacher (Wallin) - researcher (Burman) collaboration and thus, the teaching experiments are conducted in three of the teacher's classes, representing the grades eight and nine. The authors find the results promising enough to suggest further research built on the proposed basis in a larger scale in Finland and in other countries, as well.

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