Optimization of an integrated steel plant with carbon capturing and utilization processes

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Publikationens författare: Hamid Ghanbari, Mikko Helle, Henrik Saxén
Publiceringsår: 2015
Tidskrift: IFAC papers online
Volym: 48
Nummer: 17
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eISSN: 2405-8963


In this work, future perspectives of primary steelmaking integrated with carbon capturing and utilization processes are numerically studied with the aim to investigate fuel consumption and distribution in this industrial sector under different seasonal energy demand. The key options studied are an emerging blast furnace operation technology (oxygen blast furnace) combined with a polygeneration system producing district heat, electricity and methanol. A mathematical model is developed to find the optimal use of raw material and residual gases under specified operating costs, simultaneously considering the investment costs for the new process units in comparison of conventional steelmaking process. The results of the study provide guidelines on the distribution of the fuel in future integrated steel plant to increase sustainability and to make maximum use of available raw materials. The results reveal the optimal state of operation under periodic conditions, maximizing the net present value, minimizing specific carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption in the system.

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