The use of 3-dimensional image analysis and computer simulation for gathering statistical data and physical constants for paper coating

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Publikationens författare: Byholm T, Sinervo L, Stoor C, Toivakka M
Publiceringsår: 2005
Moderpublikationens namn: Proceedings: PTS Coating Symposium 2005


The microscopic structure of paper coatings affects parameters in paper such as reflec-tance, opacity and liquid absorption. Currently, there is no detailed knowledge that explains how these parameters are affected by different particle shapes or their shape distribution. Methods exist for experimentally analysing fluid flow characteristics as well as optical pa-rameters but they do not further essential statistical information about the pore structure it-self. In this paper, the use of experimental methods combined with detailed statistical analy-sis and numerical simulations is proposed as a viable means of gathering useful information. Simulated packing of arbitrary shaped particles allows the generation of different samples for analysis, mimicking real materials as closely as possible. These computer-generated materi-als can be analysed for gathering statistics such as distributions of pore size, connectivity, inter-pore connected area and surface roughness. Furthermore, numerical simulations for acquiring information about the permeability and tortuosity can be carried out and there are also methods for simulating light scattering in these materials. Computational packings can be analysed experimentally for verification and then used for improvement and control of the characteristics of paper coatings.

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