The sticky temperature of recovery boiler fireside deposits

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Publikationens författare: Tran HN, Mao X, Kuhn DCS, Backman R, Hupa M
Redaktörer: NN
Publiceringsår: 2001
Moderpublikationens namn: International Chemical Recovery Conference : changing recovery technology to meet the challenges of the pulp and paper industry
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ISBN: 9781896742717


The sticky temp. of carryover particles in recovery boilers is an important parameter in boiler design and operation. A study was undertaken to re-​evaluate the effect of chem. compn. on the sticky temp. of carryover particles. The results showed that the sticky temp. is strongly related to particle size and liq. content. Particles with a typical size range of 150-​300 μm will become sticky if their liq. content exceeds 15​%. Based on this information, a series of sticky temp. contour maps were constructed which can be used to predict the sticky temp. of any sulfide-​free carryover particle as a function of chloride, K, and carbonate content.

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