Fireside behavior of black liquors containing boron

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List of Authors: Hupa M, Forssen M, Backman R, Stubbs A, Bolton R
Editors: NN
Publication year: 2001
Book title: International Chemical Recovery Conference : changing recovery technology to meet the challenges of the pulp and paper industry
Start page: 355
End page: 360
ISBN: 9781896742717


Partial auto-​causticization using B has become an interesting option for de-​bottle-​necking the re-​causticization department in the chem. recovery cycle of kraft pulp mills. Several full-​scale trials in North America showed that the auto-​causticization concept using B works efficiently in recovery boilers. However, more information is needed of the detailed influence of B on the operation of the recovery boiler. Some 1st information of the influence of the meta-​borate addn. on the liquor burning properties, smelt bed melting behavior, and fireside deposit characteristics in super-​heaters is presented. The information is based on multi-​phase chem. equil. calcns. of the furnace processes and results obtained by using a single droplet burning test facility. The presence of B lowers the melting temp. range of the smelt and the carry-​over liquor residue particles. Larger B addns. also changed the burning behavior of the black liquor studied. The characteristic swelling during the devolatilization stage decreased, which resulted in somewhat longer burning times. The measured release of C and the formation of NO and SO2 from the burning droplet were not changed significantly.

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