Improvements to the Supporting Hyperplane Optimization Toolkit Solver for Convex MINLP

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List of Authors: Andreas Lundell, Jan Kronqvist, Tapio Westerlund
Editors: Ana Maria A. C. Rocha, M. Fernanda P. Costa, Edite M. G. P. Fernandes
Place: Braga
Publication year: 2016
Publisher: Universidade do minho
Book title: Proceedings of the XIII Global Optimization Workshop, GOW'16, 4-8 September 2016
Start page: 101
End page: 104
ISBN: 978-989-20-6764-3


In this paper, some enhancements to the supporting hyperplane optimization toolkit (SHOT) solver for convex MINLP are described. These improvements, e.g., utilizing certain features of the subsolvers as well as relaxation strategies, increase the computational efficiency of the solver.

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