Properties, states and processes. A conceptual semantics analysis of the color verb system in Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian

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List of Authors: Geda Paulsen, Urpo Nikanne, Eszter Papp
Editors: Geda Paulsen, Mari Uusküla, Jonathan Brindle
Publication year: 2016
Publisher: Cambridge scholars publishing
Book title: Color Language and Color Categorization
Start page: 115
End page: 141
ISBN: 978-1-4438-9116-5


The article is an analysis of color verb system in Estonan, Finnish, and Hungarian. All of these languages have verbs that indicate stative (being of some color, e.f. 'being red'), inchoative (becoming of some color, e.g. 'turning red') or causative (changing the color of some object, e.g. 'make smth red'). Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian color verbs are compared to each other and analyzed as a part of the grammatical system of each language. A formal analysis of these verbs is given within Conceptual Semantics framework.


Conceptual Semantics, Estonian language, Finnish language, Grammar, Hungarian language, Semantics, verb

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