The method desktop: a boundary for collaborative creative activities

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List of Authors: Alma Muukka-Marjavuo, Hannah Kaihovirta, Ilze Vitola, Kristin Bergaust, Skulina Hlif Kjartansdottir, Taneli Tuovinen
Editors: Anette Göthlund, Helene Illeris, Kristine W. Thrane
Publisher: Multivers Academic
Publication year: 2015
Publisher: Multivers Academic
Book title: EDGE: 20 Essays on Contemporary Art Education
Start page: 80
End page: 91
ISBN: 9788779173866


The article elaborates on how a seminar workshop initiated creative processes based on participation and collaborative artistic work. Narrated experiences are explored as possible methods in respect to collective, practice-based artistic performance as relevant workning methods in art education research. Intresting in the article (essay) is that the narratives elaborated on do not compete or walk over each other over author experiences of the collaboration but they seek to offer a glimpse of altering routes of interpretation of how artistic research affects artistic research, social interaction and art education.

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