Health information literacy and communication in healthcare contexts: a study of older Finnish adults

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List of Authors: Kristina Eriksson-Backa, Stefan Ek
Editors: Peter A. Bath, Hannah Spring, Barbara Sen
Place: York, Sheffield
Publication year: 2015
Publisher: International symposium on health information management research
Book title: The Seventeenth International Symposium for Health Information Management Research, York, UK 24-26 June 2015. Proceedings.
Start page: 77
End page: 91
ISSN: 2048-4712


This paper examines relationships between older adults’ health information literacy, that is, ability to access, evaluate, understand, and use health-related information, and their experiences and perceptions of communication in healthcare contexts. Self-administered questionnaires were in 2011 distributed to 1,000 randomly selected Finns aged 65-79 years. Health information literacy and experiences and perceptions of healthcare communication were assessed by using two tests containing eight statements respectively, to be answered on a Likert-type scale. A standard multiple regression analysis showed that the prediction model was statistically significant for six out of eight communication statements and that health information literacy was the strongest predictor for more positive views of healthcare communication, whereas socio-demographic variables (gender, education level) were minor predictors for three of the statements. The study is the first to empirically show a relationship between health information literacy and communication in healthcare settings.


communication, elderly, ELDERLY-PATIENTS, elderly people, Finland, healthcare, health care, health communication, health information, health information literacy, health literacy, Information behaviour, information seeking behaviour, older adults, older patients, patients, quality of health care, seniors

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