Comparison of high-temperature oxidation onset behavior of Sanicro 28 steel with KCl, NaCl and K₂CO₃

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List of Authors: Jingxin Sui, Juho Lehmusto, Mikael Bergelin, Mikko Hupa
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications
Publication year: 2015
Journal: Solid State Phenomena
Journal acronym: Sol. St. Phen.
Volume number: 227
Start page: 393
End page: 396
eISSN: 1662-9787


This paper presents results from a study regarding the influence of three alkali salts (KCl, NaCl, and K2CO3) on the initial high temperature oxidation behavior of high alloy stainless steel Sanicro 28 (Fe31Cr27Ni) at 535°C. It was found that all three salts were corrosive, however, with clear differences in terms of reaction initiation.


alkali salts, austenitic steel, high-temperature oxidation

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