Language-Games and Relativism: On Cora Diamond's Reading of Peter Winch

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Publikationens författare: Jonas Ahlskog, Olli Lagerspetz
Förläggare: Wiley
Publiceringsår: 2015
Tidskrift: Philosophical Investigations
Volym: 38
Nummer: 4
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eISSN: 1467-9205


We will look critically at three essays by Cora Diamond concerning Peter Winch's views on the possibility of communication and criticism between language-games. We briefly present our understanding of Winch's approach to philosophy. Then, we argue that Diamond misidentifies Winch's views, taking them to imply language-game relativism or linguistic idealism. When she does raise valid criticisms against language-game relativism, her critical points mainly coincide with things that Winch has already stressed in his own work. That leaves us with the question what their real disagreement amounts to. Finally, we suggest that at the bottom of Diamond's objections lies her failure to appreciate Winch's insights about the place of logic in human intercourse.

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