Jenny Isaksson

University Teacher, Biochemistry

Peer-reviewed publications

A1 Journal article (refereed)
2NH and 3OH are crucial structural requirements in sphingomyelin for sticholysin II binding and pore formation in bilayer membranes (2013)
Maula T, Isaksson YJE, Garcia-Linares S, Niinivehmas S, Pentikainen OT, Kurita M, Yamaguchi S, Yamamoto T, Katsumura S, Gavilanes JG, Martinez-del-Pozo A, Slotte JP
BBA - Biomembranes
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A1 Journal article (refereed)
Ceramide acyl chain length markedly influences miscibility with palmitoyl sphingomyelin in bilayer membranes (2010)
Westerlund B, Grandell PM, Isaksson YJE, Slotte JP
European Biophysics Journal
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