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A1 Journal article (refereed)
Optimization of power transformations in global optimization (2007)
Lundell A, Westerlund T
Chemical Engineering Transactions
A4 Conference proceedings
Composition of Infinite-Dimensional Linear Dirac-type Structures (2006)
Mikael Kurula, Arjan van der Schaft, Hans Zwart
A1 Journal article (refereed)
Crystal and magnetic structure investigation of Tb Ni5-x Cux (x=0,0.5,1.0,1.5,2.0): Experiment and theory (2006)
R Lizárraga, A Bergman, T Björkman, H-P Liu, Y Andersson, T Gustafsson, A G Kuchin, A S Ermolenko, L Nordström, O Eriksson
Physical review B: Condensed matter and materials physics
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A1 Journal article (refereed)
Surface modified high rectification organic diode based on sulphonated polyaniline (2006)
D. Wei, A. Pivrikas, H. Karhu, H.S. Majumbar, T. Lindfors, C. Kvarnström, R. Österbacka, A. Ivaska
Journal of Materials Chemistry
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