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A4 Conference proceedings
Designing Reality Guides (2014)
Mäntylä T, Lahti I, Ketamo H, Luimula M, Smed J
IEEE Computer Society Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
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D4 Published development or research report or study
Turku Centre for Computer Science, Annual Report 2012 (2013)
Irmeli Laine, Johan Lilius, Tomi Mäntylä, Ion Petre, Outi Tuohi, Ilona Tuominen
A4 Conference proceedings
The Vowel Game: Continuous Real-Time Visualization for Pronunciation Learning with Vowel Charts (2006)
Paganus A, Mikkonen V, Mäntylä T, Nuuttila S, Isoaho J, Aaltonen O, Salakoski T

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