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Palgrave Series in Literary Urban Studies
Start year: 2017
End year: 2017
The series will have a strong thematic focus on the literary city and on aspects of urban conditions and urban representation, and a specific interest in developing interdisciplinary methodological approaches to the study of literary cities. Echoing the Russian formalist interest in literaturnost or literariness, Literary Urban Studies will emphasize the “citiness” of its study object – the elements that are specific to the city and the urban condition, and an awareness of what this “citiness” brings to the source material and what it implies in terms of methodological avenues of inquiry. Titles in the series will include both monographs and collections of essays devoted to literary criticism and theory of the city and literature. The books’ primary focus on cities and fiction will allow the inclusion of perspectives from related fields such as urban history, urban planning, and cultural geography. The series does not set a limit in time or space on the source material. Interdisciplinary in approach and global in range, the series will be actively commissioning and soliciting works that can speak to an international and cross-disciplinary audience.

Advisory board:
Ulrike Zitzlsperger, University of Exeter, UK; Peta Mitchell, University of Queensland, Australia; Marc Brosseau, University of Ottawa, Canada; Andrew Thacker, De Montfort University, UK; Patrice Nganang, Stony Brook University, USA; Bart Keunen, University of Ghent, Belgium.

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