Pre-examiner, opponent or assessor of doctoral thesis
Capabilities for managing project alliances
Year: 2017
Organisation: University of Oulu

The infrastructure and construction industry has for decades suffered from problems such as cost overruns, delays, disputes and low productivity. To transform old adversarial practices and industrial culture into more collaborative and innovative ways of working, new operational models for project delivery have been introduced. A project alliance is among the models developed to improve infrastructure and construction project performance by addressing problems of fragmentation and lack of integration. However, the growing body of conceptual and empirical research on project alliances within the field of project management does not include any in-depth investigation of the capability requirements and relevant processes for managing alliance projects. The goal of this dissertation is to contribute to the project alliance literature within the field of project management by exploring the capabilities needed by an inter-organizational alliance project organization and participating organizations to manage project alliances in the infrastructure and construction context.

The research adopts a qualitative approach, utilizing the case study method and in-depth interviews as research methods. The empirical results, which relate to the first project alliances in the Finnish infrastructure and construction industry, highlight the importance of the alliance project organization’s collective capabilities for managing project alliances. Among these capabilities, inter-organizational integration management, collaborative project identity formation and opportunity management are of particular importance. In addition, each participating organization requires specific project alliance capability, which comprises both the ability to implement key activities over the project life cycle and the skills required by project-based organizations and participating individuals. Together, these organizational and project network-level capabilities form the basis for managing such projects.

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