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Crossing, Going Beyond or Erasing Boundaries? An Aesthetic and Creative Collaboration in Two Upper Secondary Schools in Finland
This poster presents an overview of a project with focus on developing and studying innovative language-strengthening teaching pedagogies in a language island. The national curriculum for upper secondary school in Finland highlights that an increasing part of the education should be collaborative, creative and aesthetic (Finnish National Agency for Education 2014).

In the project, two Swedish speaking upper secondary schools collaborated on different levels. One of the schools is located in a Swedish environment, whereas the other is located in a Finnish language environment. With a distance of 200 km between the schools, two classes collaborated in writing and producing a musical. Prior to the writing of the musical, the students engaged in reading literature about migration in a contemporary perspective, which contributed with a foundation for the writing processes. The literary reading was planned in collaboration among teachers in Swedish and Literature in the two schools. The project offered opportunities for the students to develop their literacy practices through language-strengthening, communicative, authentic and aesthetic learning processes. Drawing on socio-cultural theory (Vygotsky 1987) and applying principles of action research (Kemmis et al. 2009), the aim of the project was to strengthen the students’ Swedish language in the school situated in the Finnish language environment.

Several researchers with their respective research interests are involved in the project. The researchers study trust in aesthetic learning processes, collaborative writing, meaning-making in musical dance, teaching of literature, and language-strengthening teaching pedagogies for teaching writing.

In total, 35 students and 4 teachers in Swedish and Literature participated in the project.
The data consist of audio, video and screen recordings, focus group interviews, empathy-based stories, photos, students’ texts (manuscript) and researchers notes. The project started in December 2017, and the musical premiered in November 2018.

In conclusion, this poster will elaborate on the respective research interests within the project by presenting individual studies and preliminary results. We discuss how the project goes beyond, crosses or perhaps erases linguistic, geographical and subject-specific boundaries.


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