Freedom of Religion or Belief brings Justice for Minorities and Majorities
Startdatum: 02.06.2018
Workshop organized as part of the Thematic Reference Group of Human Rights of the Conference of European Churches at the General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches 31.5-6.6.2018 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Abstract: The hearing will address the violation of religious freedom in Europe that CEC Member Churches are facing with in their life and work, whether they are a minority or majority. During the hearing there should be stock-taking of the current challenges and discussion on how CEC can assist as much as possible its members in helping them to address their issues vis-à-vis international institutions in the most effective way. Issues such as access to worship places, property rights, registration, state financing etc. are just some of many challenges that many churches in Europe are still facing. How we can build justice in our society for all? The shrinking space for civil society and the role of religion in the public sphere will be also part of the discussion.

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