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Conference presentation: Curiosity, Fear and Conflict: "Strangers" on the Fair in Nineteenth-Century Finland
Start date: 07/06/2018
End date: 09/06/2018
Event name: Nordic Women's and Gender History Conference, Oulu 7-9.6.2018
Otherness, Gender and Boundary Crises: Discourses on Minority Peddlers in Late Nineteenth-Century Finland

Ann-Catrin Östman


Jutta Ahlbeck & Hanna Lindberg: Anxieties and Peddling in Nineteenth-Century Finland

Sandra Waller: Implicit Crises: Othering and Questionnaires

Anna Sundelin: Peddlers Settling Down. Crises in Community?

Johanna Wassholm & Ann-Catrin Östman: Curiosity, Fear and Conflict: Strangers on the Fair in Nineteenth-Century Finland

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